“Healing is a matter of time, but it is sometimes a matter of opportunity”.


My work focuses on balancing the mind and the body through emotions, based on the belief that the body speaks the language of our deepest Self.

The key to healing and growth is true insight into the psychological cause of illness and pain. What we refer to as “illness” and “pain” are symptoms of inner disharmony. With Kinesiology (Three-in-One concept), we identify the situation or emotions causing the imbalance and then use different stress release and balancing techniques to change positively the perception of the issue.

This will have a healing effect on the body and mind. It is a very powerful way to regain our own authority, create alternative solutions and gain the confidence to act on those alternatives. Take away the psycho-emotional cause and the symptom disappears: that means true healing.


  • Kinesiologist Advanced Practitioner / Three in One concept  KFRP
  • Emotional Freedom Technique / Certified Advanced EFT Practitioner  

About Diane 

I come from the French speaking part of Switzerland and moved with my family to Scotland in 1997. Over there, I experienced physical problems. The whole right side of my body became numb over night. After undergoing a long series of tests at the hospital, I was told there was nothing wrong with my physical body. I then turned towards complementary therapies for an answer and discovered Kinesiology.

The therapist used “muscle testing” to get feedback from my body and identified the emotions causing the numbness. To my amazement, within a few months, I made a full recovery and decided to study in depth the “3 in 1 “Kinesiology concept. I trained for 4 years at Harmony Kinesiology College in Glasgow before opening my own practice in Glasgow. In 2005 I moved to Sheffield where I’ve been practising ever since.