“Welcome to the amazing world of Kinesiology”

with Diane Piette

Update and news

For this year and beyond, my wish for you all is to find ways to stay balanced, centered and focused on your journey, to bring Joy to your Heart and Peace to your Mind. My resolution for this year is not to have one! And to improvise with what comes to me, let’s see how it goes!

How can I help?

With the new lockdown in place, from the 5th of January 2021, all sessions will be online, using the Zoom platform. This means that you will still get support for any emotional challenges you are facing at the moment. Kinesiology works beautifully, even at a distance. 

I look forward to working with you,



My work focuses on balancing the mind and the body through emotions, based on the belief that the body speaks the language of our deepest Self.

The key to healing and growth is true insight into the psychological cause of illness and pain. What we refer to as “illness” and “pain” are symptoms of inner disharmony. With Kinesiology (Three-in-One concept), we identify the situation or emotions causing the imbalance and then use different stress release and balancing techniques to change positively the perception of the issue. 

This will have a healing effect on the body and mind. It is a very powerful way to regain our own authority, create alternative solutions and gain the confidence to act on those alternatives.


  • Kinesiologist Advanced Practitioner / Three in One concept  KFRP
  • Emotional Freedom Technique / Advanced EFT Practitioner