From very early in childhood, I remember clearly being focused on helping animals and people around me. When they were in distress, I could feel their physical and emotional pain and wanted to help release them.

Energy healers and alternative therapists are very common where I come from in Switzerland and are often visited for support. I was familiar with a more holistic and natural approach to healing so these feelings and my desire to help felt natural. I later learned about Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and I recognised the acupressure points and meridian therapy I saw being used during my childhood.

During a very stressful time in my life, I experienced the traumatic effects of alopecia (complete hair loss). The feeling of despair and isolation which comes with it, the doubts about my identity as a woman, a wife and a mother, the feeling of shame and powerlessness took me through years of darkness. Looking back, I now understand that I was holding onto so much resentment and negative beliefs that my body became vulnerable to illness and found a way to make me stop and reassess my life. I was lucky to find a wonderful kinesiologist in Glasgow who supported me during the healing and awakening phase.

My path became clear, I had joined the two subjects together: understanding what emotional pattern, trauma or habit was causing the suffering and how to release the pain it was causing.

My passion for understanding emotions grew. Questions like “How can our feelings affect us so much”? “Can the physical body react and become sick with intense long term negative feelings?” “Can suffering be alleviated if we understand what created it?” became daily contemplation.

After many years of training, Kinesiology became the platform from which I could do and express the work I was called for. My apprenticeship started in 2001. Since then, I have studied and worked alongside incredible energy healers, therapists and spiritual mentors.

I now run the Heart and Earth Clinic in the city of Sheffield, close to the beautiful Peak District.

I find my strength and inspiration in Nature. Connecting, recharging and sharing the gift of life with Gratitude.